Black do Acordeon, a singer and composer, born in Espírito Santo, captivates his audiences and makes them dance with his mixes to the sound of forró, samba, reggae, ijexá and baião.
His career really kicked off in 2013 at the renowned FENFIT - Forró de Itaúnas Festival. In 2015 Black launched himself as a solo artist, doing shows all over Brazil, and from there, he recorded his first songs, such as: Acalanto, Erro eu, Casinha pronta, Beat the door, I promise, and Legacy.
In 2018 he released the CD ‘A vision from within’ which features all his successes to date as an artist, in addition to new songs. He is now on his first international tour in Europe and we are delighted to present him to you at Alegria do Norte in Stockholm!

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