Cesar Neves de Almeida

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Cesar started dancing when attending a volunteering social initiative instigated by his teacher and partner Luis Henrique Resende.
In 2005, in addition to being a teacher, he became a partner of the Pé Descalço School. In 2009 invitations to give workshops started coming from south eastern Brazil and the Pé Descalço School grew in it´s reputation. In 2011 he went on to do his first European tour. The following year in 2012 he won second place in the Brazilian Forró Cup and made a second tour abroad, this time not only to Europe but also to teach workshops in Japan. In 2013 once again he toured in Europe in addition to going to Russia. This same year he taught in Forró in Rio, and organised the Minas Gerais stage for the Brazilian Forró Cup. In 2015 he was again invited to Japan and in 2016 to Germany, Russia and Portugal. From Portugal he went straight to Porto Alegre’s 4th Forró Encounter with Juzinha. This same year he organized with two other partners the first BH Forró Festival.
In 2017 he took on a new challenge and moved to London to start the first Pé Descalço branch in Europe. As the new founded school completed its first year he started to give workshops in Europe again and teaching at festivals. In 2018 he started training a new team of teachers for PD London, envisioning to grow the school more and more.

Sofia Mora Ramos

Sofia first started with Forró in 2011, in her home town Lisbon, with Pablo Dias and Camila Alves. She was instantly hooked on this amazing dance that changed her life. In 2013, 2014 and 2015 she helped organise the Forró de Lisboa festival and became more and more involved with the forró community in Europe. In 2015 she spent 6 months in Brazil, doing almost daily classes in Belo Horizonte, mainly with Cesar Neves from Pé Descalço and Hugo Silva. She also took part in many workshops in numerous Forró Festivals in Europe and collaborated with the organisation of some of them, such as Forró de Domingo (Stuttgart, Germany), Forró de Colônia (Cologne, Germany) and Festival Pé na Terra (Fuseta, Portugal).
In 2017 she moved to London to open the first Pé Descalço school in a partnership with Cesar Neves, one of the owners of the Brazilian dance school. She kept studying forró, continuing to take lessons with both Cesar and Juliane Rosa, who also collaborated during the first year in the opening of the new school in London. In 2018 she became part of the teaching team of PD London, where both her and the rest of the team are having constant training in both dance and teaching with Cesar.

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