Marion began dancing as a teenager; modern jazz, classical dance, tap dance and salsa. With the salsa a true passion for couple’s dance began. She went on to become a history teacher and therefore has a solid grounding of teaching pedagogy.
In 2004, by chance, Marion found forró and her love for this dance and the music has prevailed. She trained in Brazilian dances, particularly with the Naçao Oju Oba (maracatu, fevro, côco,and caboclihno) and from there decided to begin teaching forró dance. For her continued development she traveled in Brazil and trained in Rio with the following teachers: Marinho Braz, Gilberto da Paixao and Luiz do Rio, and also in Salvador with Edj Braga.
In 2010, she formed a company of dance, performing in senior centers, schools and public spaces. Since 2011 she holds the AI QUE BOM! Festival. Despite being a french female Marion has been successful in this very brasilian male dominated business thanks to her passion. She uses her knowledge from jazz and classical dance lessons to provide her own method of teaching forró. She thinks that harmony and joy in dance are the most important things to pass on!

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