Alegria do Norte

Stockholm Forró Festival

Stockholm Forró Festival

Alegria do Norte 2018

This site contains old Information from last year festival!

Welcome to the fourth edition of Alegria do Norte in Stockholm! This year, Stockholm Forró Festival happens between 13th and 15th of July. Another amazing Swedish summer is coming and once again we celebrate this season of joy with lots of dance, friendship, and music through the magic of forró!

Don’t miss out on celebrating in Stockholm during 3 sunny and warm days and magical light nights that will make winter a distant memory! We invite you to enjoy forró in this beautiful city surrounded by water and nature. In addition to forró, you can enjoy bathing in Lake Mälaren in the middle of the city and feel relaxed in the numerous parks and urban forests of Stockholm. Come and bring your good vibes to add up to our common alegria!

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